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Capacitor Charger for flash lamp laser Applications

  1. While most products in the market typically uses 70% duti-cycle, the Advice Capacitor Charger uses a fix 50% duti-cycle which contributes to a higher efficiency and improved EMI.

  2. While the safly approval of many of the devices in the market requires an isolation transformer the  Advice Capacitor Charger is approved for a direct grid connection. This represents an additional cost, space and weight savings.

  3. The Advice Capacitor Charger is designed for parallel operation which allows to connect several units together achiving up to 6kW power

  4. The modern design based on an advanced controller and smart topology resulted an improved Power density. In other words we may say that the charger delivers more power in the same product size compare to other products in the market.

  5. Advice Capacitor Charger Power supply delivers continuous power which improves the laser fast performance and avoid laser equipment faults.

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