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30 Watt Flashlamp Simmer

The A-SIM-30-12 flashlamp simmer is designed for the OEM customer.  Simmers are a vital part of lamp-based laser or IPL systems and are used to maintain a constant current flow through the lamp between discharges.   


With a maximum output of 150mA and 1200 volts open circuit combined with an automatic trigger pulse the A-SIM-30-12 is ideal for simmering lamps in aesthetic and surgical devices. 

Innovative features of the A-SIM-30-12 simmer include a wide range of input voltages, convenient “power” and “lamp on” LEDs, protection from transient voltage and user selectable interface configurations.


Factory preset options include output current limits and post trigger current boost.  Mating connector supplied with simmer. 

The A-SIM-30-12, simmer is designed to complement our complete line of capacitor charging power supplies

SIMMER_500px (1).png


  • 30 Watts Output

  • 150mA Simmer Current

  • 1200 Volt Open Circuit

  • Post Trigger Current Boost

  • Floating & Non-Floating Enable

  • Input 24VDC Nominal ( 20VDC to 32VDC )

  • 2kV transient voltage Immunity

  • Wide Range "Enable" Input (4.5V to 24V)

  • "Power ON" and "Lamp ON" LED's

  • Positive & Negative Logic Enable

Contact for more information.

Part Number Selection Guide:

The part number includes the following options:

Simmer output current can be calibrated by the customer. Factory pre-set current values are available between 100mA and 150mA. Enter the two most significant digits (12 = 120mA  ) to indicate the desired pre-set current. Omit for the standard 150mA version.

Current boost following flash: enter “B” for boost, and “N” for no-boost.

Part number examples:

A-SIM-30-12-10-B for a 100mA simmer, with current boost following flash

A-SIM-30-12-N for a 150mA simmer, without current boost following flash

A-SIM-30-12-B for a 150mA simmer, with current boost following flash

Connector Pin Assignments

advicepower table.PNG

View from wire entry side


Typical Simmer Power Supply Connection Diagram

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