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Capacitor Charging Power Supplies

ADVICE ELECTRONICS designed a new family of capacitor chargers Power Supplies for pulsed laser applications, (medical and aesthetic treatment) in the range 500-3,000W that provide high-efficiency, fast response along with low EMI with no additional line filter required

Main Features:


High Efficiency of Capacitor Charging Power Supplies

Meets EN 55011 Conducted & Radiated Class A.

Fully protected for over-load, short circuit, over voltage over temperature.

Load Fault Watchdog Timer can be modified upon customer request.

Meet EN60601-1

Can be modified upon customer request (voltage and output Power)

Advantages of Advice Capacitor Charging Power Supplies over competitors  chargers:


ADVICE capacitor chargers are a new design using the

Advanced Silicon and magnetics components that provide:

  • Advice Capacitors Chargers Higher efficiency around 8% over the exist chargers, (reduced temperature rise, increased reliability).

  • Function at higher frequency and 50% duty cycle, (Fast response, less noise).

  • Shut down if the output voltage is equal or less than 80% of its maximum rate for more than 5 second (higher charge discharge cycle).

  • Fully isolated input to output (can be connected directly to the AC line).

  • Advice Capacitor Chargers Can provide per request up to 3KW using the standard platform.

Product Main Specifications:


Input Voltage: 90-264Vac 47-63Hzfor 1500J/Sec

180-264Vac 47-63Hz for 2200J/Sec

Power Factor:  0.99 typical

Inrush Current:< 25A @ 220Vac



Output Power :      LCH500XX   - 500J/Sec

                                LCH1000XX   - 1,000J/Sec

                                      LCH1500XX – 1,500J/Sec

                                      LCH2200XX – 2,200J/Sec

Output Voltage : Configurable from 250Vdc to 1,800V

Polarity :Positive

Efficiency :>88% and maximum load

Regulation:              0.5% @ 100Hz.



Connector :               15Pin D-Type

Voltage Program:     0-10V for 0 to Max. Voltage

Voltage Monitor


End of charge status

Over Voltage/Temperature fault



Operation Temperature: 0°C to +40°C ,

Storage :- 20°C to +85°C

Humidity :Operating 10-90%RH,Storage 10-95%RH

Cooling : Internal fans

Safety: EN60601-1  and CE Mark

MTBF: 50,0000 hours minimum &30°C



Leakage Current :  < 130uA

Isolation :  4000VAC / 5700VDC           

EMI : EN55011 Class A Group 1

capacitor chargers for pulsed lasers

Principles of operation of our Capacitor Charging Power Supplies

The capacitor charger tested as a charger that defined by charge time to charge a specific capacitor to requested voltage.

The capacitor charger has a three mode of operation as shown below

The rate of which the capacitor charger is charged and discharged is called the repetition rate , T , and may vary from 0.01Hz for large capacitor banks to a few KHz .

A capacitor charging has two power rating expressed in Joule per second (J/S)

The peak power rating is used when calculate the charge time and the average power is used to determine the maximum repetition rate.

The charge time calculated by using the formula: 


T (second) =


T = Charge time in second

C = Capacitor in farads

V = Charge voltage require

Ppeak = Unit peak power (J/S)


The average output power depends on the discharge mode energy and repetition rate of the load


P (J/S) = Wload / T (w=energy delivered per charging cycle T=repetition rate).

capacitor new.png
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