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Capacitor Charger for flash lamp laser application

The importance of power density and the connection between the charger charge rate and laser pulse rate

Advice was one of the latest players in the market devoloping a Capacitor Charger.

Accordingly, the design is modern and based on the latest component.

It usses the latest IGBTs, a modern controller, new magnetic materia and more.This resulted a higher power density compare to most products in the market.


The Advice Capacitor Chargers delivers more power from the same standard form-factors.

For example: in the known “size A” most products deliver 1000W -1200W while Advice may deliver up to 1500W continuous!

When dealing with chargers we use the terminology “charge rate” to define the power over time to charge the capacitor. It is important to understand that this is Not a continuous power.

For example: a charger with charge rate of 1500J/s may have an avarage power of only 1000 Watts.

The Advice chargers are unique in the market as it delivers 1500 Wats continiuous power in the same form factor where other producrs deliver 1500J/s.  
Another important index for the charger performance is the “Charge Rate” which indicates the time required for the charger to charge the capacitor to the rated voltage. As the unit delivers more power the charging is faster. There is a direct correlation between the Charging rate of the Capacitor Charger Power Supply to the “Pulse Rate” provided by the laser equipment a feature that directly casts on the speed the operator is able to do his job.

Moreover, using a capacitor charger that is not strong enough may cause laser the operator will face “unexplained” shut down during work. That is typically caused by a safety protection feature that disables the entire equipment as result of using an improper or low power capacitor charger power supply. With Advice Capacitor charger Power supply the laser operator will experience a faster and smoother performance of the laser device.

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