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1000 Volt IGBT Discharge Driver Board

The 1000V IGBT board is designed to complement our
complete line of capacitor
charging power supplies

The IGBT Driver board for flashlamp applications is designed for the OEM

customer. Discharge board is another crucial part of lamp-based laser or IPL systems

and acts as a switch to deliver high current pulses to flash the lamp.

The 1000V IGBT Driver Board has a pulse width range from 5µSec. to 1ms. suitable

for a wide range of medical and industrial applications.


The 1000 volt IGBT Driver Board is designed for partial discharge applications in

laser, intense pulsed light de-vices and many other high voltage discharge

applications. The board combines high peak current capacity with a wide range of

pulse widths in a compact, low-cost device. This board can be combined with any of

the LCH series capacitor charging power supplies and the A-SIM-30-12, 30 watt

flashlamp simmer for a complete easy to implement system.




• 1000 Volts maximum input

• 800 amp maximum peak pulse current

• Pulse width range: 50µs. to 1ms.

• Pulse rise time: 10µs.

• Over voltage, over temp. & input protection

• Output over current and over temp. protection.



IBGT Driver Board Datasheet (Link)


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