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Titanium - Outdoor Backup System

Titanium - Outdoor Backup system

Lithium Based-UPS, Street Light-UPS, Solar Generators for Surveilance Cameras and Telecom

Designed to supply outdoor electronic equipment with stable power 7 days a week, 24 hours a day,
Titanium revolutionizes utility power stabilization and generation in sites with unreliable or limited
accessibility to utility power, in both developed and rural areas. It is the smallest, lightest, pole wide
product with highly efficient power generation and no maintenance for 5 years.

Titanium systems are designed to blend into the environment when mounted with equipment on light poles in cities and public areas. It is enclosed in a convection-cooled IP65 housing to ensure quiet, safe and reliable operation in all weather conditions.

A Titanium aluminum no-rust housing and IP65 ingress protection level allows outdoor operation in harsh environments: Temperatures of -20° to +50°C, and extreme dust and rain conditions.
Its compact fan less design with free air convection and lithium battery is a unique solution for many demanding applications.

Optional communication via SMBus, CANbus or RS-485 enables remote control and monitoring of the system.

• 35W-250W 12/24/48vdc
• Supplies stable DC power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Highly reliable- no fans or, relays
• Narrow pole wide profile, blends into the environment
• Internal lithium battery to feed load when utility/sun is not available
• MPPT solar charging algorithm for up to 30% more power
• Internal booster for 48VDC generation from 17VDC panels
• High 99% efficiency and 25 Micro-Amp self consumption
• Outdoor resilient IP65, Built for dusty, rainy, harsh environment
• Fan-less and filter-less, operates in extreme temperatures -20° to +50°C
• Third of the size and weight of all lead acid battery
• 5 year lifespan without service
• Fast and easy clip-on pole installation and service
• SMBus, RS485. CANbus communication option
• Customized per requirement

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