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Advice Electronics has for years supplied the Laser & Electro-Optics industry with a complete line of the most reliable capacitor charging power supplies available. Utilizing a totally new topology, the LCH series capacitor chargers represent the first advance in capacitor charging technology in 25 years!

With the recent introduction of the A-SIM-30-12, 30-watt simmer power supply and 1000V IGBT Driver Board, Advice can now offer the laser designer a complete pulsed power solution. Here’s a diagram of a typical flashlamp based system:

Pulsed Discharger Circuit.jpg

In this circuit the A-SIM-30-12 simmer power supply in combination with the Ignition transformer is used to start the lamp and provide a small current to maintain the arc between pulses. This “simmer” current eliminates the need to re-ignite the flashlamp before every pulse from the capacitor bank greatly extending the life of the lamp.


When pulses are required the capacitor bank is charged by the LCH series capacitor charger and the 1000V IGBT Driver Board acts as a switch to deliver high current pulses to flash the lamp. The 1000V IGBT Driver Board has a pulse width range from 5µSec. to 1ms. suitable for a wide range of medical and industrial applications.


This type of partial discharge system is widely used in aesthetic and therapeutic medical lasers and Intense Pulsed Light devices. For more information on the complete line of Advice pulsed power

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