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DC-DC Converter

DCD500, 500W DC-DC converter

The DCD500 500W DC-DC converter has a wide-range DC input voltage, from 10 to 20
volts, making it ideal for vehicle mounted systems, tactical and non-tactical, fixed and mobile
communications and security systems.

The DCD500 low-profile units have an ultra-high efficiency of typically 96% at full load and can
operate over an ambient temperature range of -40˚ to 70˚C. They are small-sized, high stability,
long life and have a high degree of protection, making them an ideal choice for step-up, non-isolated converters for vehicle systems.

Fully sealed encapsulation, IP67 protection class, withstand exposure to harsh environments.
Guaranteed operation in complex environments with high reliability.

The DCD500 meets MIL-STD-1275A standards.
The power module has a built-in thermal sensing device including thermal shutdown and automatic recovery, reverse input protection, over-temperature shut down, current limit protection, short circuit protection, input under-voltage shut down and overvoltage protection.
It is possible to connect several units in parallel to achieve higher power.

• High efficiency 97%
• Parallel operating for higher power
• Rugged and reliable
• Fully sealed
• 10-20V input voltage range.
• Epoxy resin sealing, IP67

• Automotive/RV/military
• Marine and other rugged environments
• Mobile communication (TV and radio vans)
• Base-station power
• Industrial controls
• Emergency backup power
• Solar and alternative power systems

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