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Power Planer Magnetics

Advice Planar is offering a large verity of Planar Transformers and Inductors for SMPS power applications.

Advice Electronics is a developer and manufacturer of Power products with 30 years of experience offering best in class, high quality products.


About Planar Magnetics

While the planar technology started to take off during the 90’s

it was somehow ahead of its time. Planar Magnetics are cost

effective at high switching frequencies starting at about 50-60kHz

but best operates at 100kHz and up. The typical SMPS switching

frequencies during the 90’s was 20-70kHz mainly due to the high

cost of High Frequency power active components like MOSFETS.

AS the price of those power elements started to drop engineers

got more experience designing high frequency SMPS.

The industry started to require better efficiency together

with the demand for small size and low profile products.

Repeatability and weight are extremely important in the

automotive industry which is today the most growing segment

to use planar magnetics.

Planar Magnetics provides better efficiency which reflects in lower heat to dissipate that simplifies the Power Supply design.  Planar Magnetics works in a wider range of temperatures, demonstrate smaller weight and size and last but not least is the high repeatability provided by the pre-tooled parts such as PCB and lead-frames.

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AD58AC Series

AD14 Series

AD18 Series

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