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PoE Injectors

Power over Ethernet Injectors, AC/DC and DC/DC

A combined data and power adapter that interfaces to wireless modem and other data link and
network outdoor products.

It can power both 10/100 Base T devices and Gigabit.
The unit provides an RJ-45 input connector, which is connected to 1GB transformers for connection to an IEEE 802.3 (1GB) compatible device.

Advice offers AC and DC input PoE injectors for standard and extended operating temperatures.
AC input voltage is from 100V to 240VAC using an industry standard IEC 320-C14 connector.
DC input is wide range and covers 12/24/48VDC via a 3 pin DC input connector.
An output RJ45 connector provides the 1GB data and power (55V or other voltage) for connection
to the wireless modem. You can use all 4 pairs or just 2 to carry the data and power to the radio terminal.

• Option for easy installation on wall
• Compact size- 160x63x32mm
• High efficiency- free convection cooling
• Wide-range input voltage covering worldwide requirements for AC

   and DC input
• Meets FCC 15 & EN55022 class B requirements
• Operating temperature range standard -10° to +40°C or extended
   temperature -40° to +70°C with no derating
• AC models power saving level VI

• Power Over Ethernet
• Fast data modems
• Wireless modems
• 1GB systems
• Video / data / voice modems

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